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DivineNet Electronic Commerce Components

In order to conduct electronic commerce on the Internet you will need software that provides a secure environment, a shopping cart system, and transaction processing. We have compiled a list of software that offers our Virtual Server Administrators options in each of these areas. These programs were all developed by third parties.
Though our Technical Support Staff will offer you assistance in installing these software packages, questions regarding general use and problems encountered should be directed to the software authors.

Each of the e-commerce components is accompanied by a large amount of
documentation which you should review and understand if you expect to fully utilize the power of these components. Some of the e-commerce components have license agreements that you should make yourself familiar with and agree to. Furthermore, some components require a small setup fee (which is indicated when appropriate).

You can provide encrypted web server sessions for your clients by using the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). With SSL, your customers will feel confident sending you their credit card information online because they know it will be a secure encrypted transaction. You should also use a Digital Certificate in conjunction with SSL for authentication purposes.

DivineNet STORE
DivineNet STORE is a bolt on e-commerce service that enables you to enhance your web sites quickly with turnkey e-commerce capability. DivineNet STORE integrates all of the necessary e-commerce components -- a secure transaction environment, a powerful electronic storefront, a dynamic shopping cart and an automatic transaction processing system

SSL provides a level of security and privacy for those wishing to conduct secure transactions over the Internet. Introduced to the Internet market by Netscape Communications, the SSL protocol protects HTTP transmissions over the Internet by adding a layer of encryption. This insures that your transactions are not subject to "sniffing" by a third party.

SSL provides visitors to your web site with the confidence to communicate securely via an encrypted session. For companies wishing to conduct serious e-commerce, such as receiving credit card numbers or other sensitive information, SSL is a must. To find out more about how SSL works, please refer to the Introduction to Public Key Cryptography document authored by Netscape Communications.

While SSL handles the encryption part of a secure HTTP transaction, a Digital Certificate is necessary to provide server authentication. Ordering SSL for your Virtual Server is an easy task, you need simply send an e-mail message to our Service Department or use our on-line Order Processing System. However, securing a Digital Certificate is a more intricate (and sometimes complicated) process. A separate document describes Digital Certificates in detail.

Some answers to frequently asked questions about SSL and Digital Certificates can be found in Secure Server section of the DivineNet FAQ. Please see our web page dedicated to Digital Certificate for complete information regarding obtaining and installing a Digital Certificate on your Virtual Server.

DivineNet offers SSL as an add-on enhancement feature for its Virtual Server System - a nominal setup fee is required (no monthly recurring charges are applicable - please see the SSL Price Schedule for complete price information).

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