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Microsoft® FrontPage®

Microsoft FrontPage makes it easy to produce professional quality web sites. With powerful tools such as built in image mapping, spell checking, WebBot components, and a familiar interface (like other Microsoft Office applications), you can get great results fast.

DivineNet supports the FrontPage 98 extensions in their entirety and completely free of charge. The FrontPage product, while not the only means by which you can create and publish web content, is an excellent tool for our Resellers who are interested in quickly creating and easily maintaining web sites on the DivineNet Virtual Server System.

FrontPage Installation Instructions
In order to use Microsoft FrontPage in conjuction with your Virtual Server, you will need to do two things:

  1. You must purchase the FrontPage Client from your local software company.
  2. You need to install the server extensions onto your Virtual Server. In order to do this, connect to your Virtual Server via telnet or SSH.

    The install/uninstall the FrontPage® 98 extensions, use the following commands:

      The "fp98install" command installs the Microsoft FrontPage 98 extensions onto your Virtual Server. Simply type fp98install at a command prompt, answer a few simple questions, and you will be ready to use Microsoft FrontPage to create and publish your web site!

      The FrontPage 98 extensions require about 13MB of server disk space. Be sure that you have this space available under your virtual server disk space quota before installing the extensions.

      The "fp98uninstall" command uninstalls the Microsoft FrontPage 98 extensions from your Server. Simply type fp98uninstall at a command prompt.

DivineNet Virtual Server Web Hosting Services
If you are visiting us from Microsoft web pages, we welcome you to review our web hosting solutions. DivineNet offers a Virtual Server product that is more powerful and more flexible than other web hosting providers you will find on the Internet. Some of the great features of our Virtual Servers include:

  • Free Microsoft FrontPage Support and Server Extensions
  • Unlimited POP E-mail Accounts and Unlimited E-mail Aliases
  • Unlimited E-mail Autoresponders
  • Free Technical Support
  • Your Own CGI-BIN Directory (Use Any Scripts that You Would Like)
  • Complete FTP, Telnet (or SSH), and FrontPage Access to your Virtual Server
  • Full Access to Your Configuration Files (httpd.conf, srm.conf, access.conf)
  • Free CGI scripts from our CGI Library

For our Virtual Server pricing information please review:

For Virtual Server Ordering information see: (Secure Server)

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