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DivineNet - Your Hosting Partner
Many Internet professionals around the world, including many Internet Service/Access Providers and businesses (ISPs), have found DivineNet to be a much more powerful and cost effective solution than purchasing and maintaining their own servers, redundant lines and hiring the staff to keep it all running. When you consider the high cost of a dedicated solution and the fact that our Virtual Server solution offers all of the flexibility, control and power you demand - why bother with the headaches of doing it yourself? By employing DivineNet as your hosting partner, you can concentrate on what you do best (which probably is what you enjoy most).

The "do it yourself" approach:
Many small to medium sized businesses contemplate installing and maintaining a dedicated Internet connection at their office believing it is the only way to establish a powerful Internet presence. Typically however, these business do not realize (at least initially) how expensive a dedicated solution can be. The following schematic and table presents this type of solution and the corresponding costs.

The typical 'do-it-yourself' hosting solution... expensive to set up and maintain.

Setup Cost
Internet Server $5,000
Router $1,500
CSU/DSU $1,000
T-1 Installation $300-$1,000
per line
Monthly Cost
Frame Relay $200
Common Carrier Charges $1,000-$5,000
per line
Yearly Cost
Network Engineer $50,000+
Software and Hardware Upgrades thousands

The ISP approach:
A less expensive alternative to a dedicated connection is to host or "co-locate" your Internet presence with your Internet Service Provider. Your ISP will likely have very aggressive hosting prices and may bundle "homebrewed" hosting services with dial-up services at little to no extra charge. As attractive as the price may appear, the "homebrewed" ISP hosting solution lacks the performance, technology, and connectivity necessary to establish a truly effective and powerful Internet presence.

  1. Free up limited bandwidth -- This allows an Internet Service/Access Provider to concentrate its bandwidth on providing the best possible local dial-up access to its customers.
  2. Outsourcing the technical headache -- DivineNet provides an Internet Service/Access Provider the ability to eliminate the technical commitment necessary to provide quality hosting to its customers.
  3. Free up technical resources -- Outsourcing allows an Internet Service/Access Provider to concentrate its technical resources and staff on other purposes which will build the their company.
  4. Virtual subhosting potential -- one feature of the DivineNet Virtual Server is "virtual subhosting", or hosting multiple domain names on a single fully functional Virtual Server. In other words, multiple domain names, each with its own independent FTP login and e-mail capabilities, can be hosted on a single fully functional Virtual Server.
  5. Make hosting profitable -- An Internet Service/Access Provider will no longer need to lay down the capital necessary to provide hosting – servers, redundant Internet connections, technical maintenance, etc. – rather, the DivineNet Reseller Program will credit an Internet Service/Access Provider with discounts of up to 50% off monthly rates.

The DivineNet approach:
DivineNet's advanced Virtual Server solution gives you what you would expect from a dedicated server, but at a shared server price. The DivineNet Virtual Server gives you full control to remotely manage your sites, without the high cost of maintaining your own server, Internet connections, and the staff to keep it all running.

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Setup Cost
DivineNet Virtual Server $50
Monthly Cost
DivineNet  Virtual Server $75 to $275
Yearly Cost
DivineNet  Network Staff $0
DivineNet Support Staff $0

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